Waldeck Sextet - It might be french

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It Might Be French

2021 Vinyl

In a perfect world one would expect to find the music of Klaus Waldeck in the genre of electronic music. With his new project "The Waldeck Sextet“ he leaves this stereotype behind and surprises us with a very pleasant acoustic experiment.

It all began with an analogue recording session in Vienna´s legendary supersense studios in 2019. And although it is hardly a perquisite to form a new project for these kind of recording ventures, Waldeck – quite obviously enthused by the idea of this analogue adventure – founded his new project “The Waldeck Sextet”. Such was his excitement that he

lost track of the number of musicians and thus founded the worlds first sextet that consists of 10 members, including his main vocalist Patrizia Ferrara.

Their musical outcome reminds of French chansons (e.g. of the legendary Charles Aznavour) and film scores of the 1960ies.

So French it might be - were it not sung in English - and of course without the use of electronic sounds. For those curious that sounds 200 units of the live recording in may 2019 have been pressed.