Waldeck Sextet: Kind of Blues

Waldeck 20y digital color sequence 1 1 symbol picture Dono 65

Kind of Blues

2022 Vinyl

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The Waldeck Sextet is a fairly new project and can be regarded as the acoustic counterpart to Waldeck´s electronic main act. It all started when Klaus Waldeck was invited to take part in a “Direct -to-Disc” analogue live recording session in Vienna’s Supersense Club, where no electronic equipment seemed to fit in. Klaus Waldeck made some phone calls and lined up some of the finest jazz musicians in town. Some of the tracks are inspired by french cinema of the 1960ies and in one track in particular we’ll find references to Miles Davis great improvised music to the film noir Ascenseur pour l'échafaud”. All tracks feature vocalist Patrizia Ferrara.

Listen to: Boogie for Brubeck, Kind of Blues, Sweetest Lies, Il profumo